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Willowbrook Business Management (WBM) is led by John Dunk, a highly experienced manager with a global business perspective across a broad range of industries, particularly the Oil & Gas market.

The majority of his experience been gained with two large multinational organisations, Textron Inc and Akzo Nobel, International Paint Business Unit. For over 30 years he has held senior positions in Sales and Marketing and General Management and worked across a very broad-spectrum of business disciplines in industry with a particular emphasis on market development and business growth.

WBM provides consultancy services across a range of industries and businesses specialising in the areas of sales, marketing, business improvement and change management. The business was formed with the intent of delivering expertise, sound advice and support to businesses seeking growth, or change to achieve growth, in a competitive world.

WBM is also involved in specialist FIRECEL software development for analysis of test data under the banner of PFP Specialists, see tab above.

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